Domestic & Catering Appliance Components

With a wealth of experience in supplying a number of large food service clients, our competence in this sector is considerable.

 Whether working to existing specifications or assisting with cost-effective new wire product designs or value engineering projects, we have the capability and expertise to manufacture a wide range of bespoke products for both hot and cold applications

In the ‘Hot’ sector products include grill pan grids, oven and steamer shelves and supports.

In the ‘Cold ‘sector we can manufacture refrigerator shelves, freezer shelves and racks.

Dish and Glass washer baskets are other parts we offer as part of our catering sector expertise.

We work in both mild and stainless steels and offer a full range of metal finishes.

oven shelves

Oven Shelves

oven fan guard

Oven Fan Guard

Oven Shelf Runner

Refrigerator shelf

Toaster Grid

grill pans

Grill Pans

plate warmers

Plate Warmers